At Gingerbread, we know that single parent families are under-represented in the public eye – and when they do appear, it’s often in the form of negative stereotypes. By sharing your stories and experiences we can show the real picture of single parent life, break down stigma, and inspire positive change.

What ways are there to share my story?

The first way of sharing your story is through our website, where we have a collection of single parent blog pieces. Whether your experience has been positive or negative, writing about it for us will inspire and reassure other single parents. The second way is to become a media volunteer.

What is a media volunteer?

A media volunteer is someone who agrees to talk to the media about their experiences. It’s a fantastic way to show the reality of single parent life and get our messages out to the public. We never hand out your details without asking, and support you throughout the process.

I am completely available if I’m ever needed as I’m not afraid anymore to voice my struggle through the journey of single parenting. I asked a lot of friends to watch, and single parents I know messaged me and told me how brave they think I was and well done for talking about it. I hope more single parents do not feel alone in this journey as we all sometimes struggle in different ways.

How can I share my story?

To share your story in the media, please fill out the form below. Please be aware we get lots of submissions and we’ll only get in touch if the story is relevant to an ongoing issue or campaign. If you need advice, please contact our helpline.

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