Gingerbread calls on the new government to tackle the poverty epidemic among single parent families

Posted 16 December 2019

As the new Conservative government is announced, Gingerbread calls for urgent action to reduce poverty among single parent families through policies that improve living standards for the 1 in 4 UK families headed by single parents.

49% of children in single parent families are in poverty, almost double that of children in couple families; a sharp rise that has been driven by years of policy choices that do not recognise the needs of diverse families. Without proper change, this will get worse – single parents are expected to lose an average of £3,800 of their annual net income by 2021/22 as a result of 2010-17 tax and benefit reforms, the biggest loss of all household types in the UK.

Gingerbread’s single parent manifesto sets out the four priority areas in which the Conservative government must now take action to turn this rising tide:

  1. Make childcare work for single parents
  2. Create a supportive welfare system
  3. Support single parents to enter and progress in work
  4. Make the Child Maintenance Service fit for purpose

Victoria Benson, Gingerbread Chief Executive says:

“With the election results now in, we must look ahead to the future we want to create for the 1.8 million single parent families in the UK, many of whom are struggling to put food on the table or provide school shoes for their children. Record numbers of single parents are in work but a lack of flexible work, the insecurity of Universal Credit, a costly childcare system and an ill-functioning Child Maintenance Service mean that work is not a route out of poverty.

“Our research shows that there are practical steps that the new Prime Minister and his government can take to improve the lives of single parents and their children. We look forward to working with the government to ensure single parents’ voices are heard, and to give diverse families the opportunities and support they need to thrive, not just survive.”

Read our Single Parent Manifesto in full

4 comments on “Gingerbread calls on the new government to tackle the poverty epidemic among single parent families

  1. I brought up 2 children for 18 yrs without a penny of maintenance z despite going to my Map Ed Vaisey.
    I have no money for my future. No savings.
    I’ve worked but I’m single and been l ft to bring up 2 children. No help anywhere at all.

  2. I just want to be appreciated by my 8 year old son. We r fortunate my parents his grandparents can live with us. It’s my house but as they contribute significantly it doesnt feel like it. I want to stand on my own two feet and support child. I was trapped but never reported it as dont think I’d be believed as drunken night out. I w t more kids adopt or foster.

  3. I have a massive issue with being classed as a deprived family just because I’m alone parent. I’m self-employed covid has slaughtered my business and my youngest for has just started secondary school I can’t get access to a computer for her because the school keeps ignoring me. With the phone Lola has she can’t access the apps she needs to get her home work iñ. 25 years I’ve been a lone parent of 4 always worked never looked at myself as deprived. I know the government has given his laptops out my son is a grammar school got one first day, my daughter being in the state school you can’t even get hold of the person who has access to the computer pride this is hard for us to ask for help but now I’m having to beg just so my youngest doesn’t slip through the gaps, I’m strong proud probably too proud have tried grants what do I do if I don’t have the funds she just keeps getting punished for not doing work. I have 1 runß barbershop, another at law school my son is at grammar school and I have sacrificed everything so that my financial situation does not affect their lives. And now I can’t get anything worked all my life raise them alone with not a penny from their fathers, and everyone I go for she has to have a disability? Pretty angry I mostly disappointed.

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