As the UK prepares to vote on 12 December 2019, Gingerbread is calling on single parents to make their votes count and ensure single parent families are at the centre of any new government's approach.

Gingerbread’s call to action for single parents

1. Your vote matters: be sure to register to vote before the deadline at midnight on 26 November. You can also register for a postal vote before the deadline at 5pm on 26 November.

2. Make a difference: Get out and vote on 12 December.

3. Let’s work together: Share the single parent manifesto wherever possible.

Single parent manifesto

Single parents have been some of the worst hit by spending cuts in recent years. At Gingerbread, we believe it is high time for the 1.8 million single parents in the UK to be at the centre of any government’s approach. We call on all political parties to unite behind the single parent manifesto, and we encourage the new government – whoever it may be – to commit to the following proposals:

1. Make childcare work for single parents

  • Provide support to cover the upfront costs of childcare through a distinct deposit scheme not the flexible support fund
  • Extend provision of the 30 hours free scheme to parents in training or who are working mini jobs.

2. Create a supportive welfare system that reduces single parent family poverty

  • End the two-child benefits limit
  • Provide transitional protection for single parents moving on to Universal Credit through ‘natural migration’, mirroring the protection available through ‘managed migration’.

3. Support single parents to enter and progress in work

  • Require employers to consider flexible working requests at the point of recruitment
  • Make work pay, ensuring that parents don’t lose out financially by increasing their working hours.

4. Make the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) fit for purpose

  • End the fees for the Collect & Pay service
  • Act on enforcement mechanisms available to the CMS so that children receive the payments they deserve.