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    I’m here if anyone wants to chat 😁

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    Hi Olra,

    I’m so sorry to hear about the tough time your having. I’m sure you are all of those things and tbh I’m not surprised. But you are strong and although it might not feel it right now your still going, still fighting which means you are coping (even if you can’t see it right now). When my wife left I felt the same about the future so I understand where your coming from but from personal experience its now better in my place than it ever was before..

    Keep going and fighting, it will get better!

    Tony x



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    No need to apologise at all, its good to let it all out and vent!

    That sounds awful, its hard enough for us in lockdown as it is so can only imagine how awful it is for you right now.


    That must be really hard for you both but I’m sure your doing a grand job!!!


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    Lockdown has been a massive struggle for us all so I can only imagine how much worse it is for you right now!!! I know its easy for me to say but I promise you it will get easier. It will take time and not happen over night but it will. I can understand how hard it is for your little ones to grasp any of it but they are resilient and will soon learn you were there and looked after them no end… i can guarantee that from my own personal experience.

    If you wanna chat you can always message me

    Tony -x-

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    Hi Sam 2512, thanks for the reply. Thats all I ever do these days is wing it tbh 😂.

    Hello Welsh dad, thanks for the welcome. Tell me about it the boundaries are a nightmare, sure I was never this bad lol.

    Hi, missy21 thanks for welcoming me. I understand you on every level with those ages haha. I really do hope so.

    Hi Mariamazzy, OK thank you very much 🙂

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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried things like that but he does have a very short attention span and his maths is at a year 3 level bless him. I’ve tried getting him involved in things yet there is no desire from his part. I’ve also constantly been working with on having relationships with the teachers but it seems to make no difference what so ever and it’s really sad for him. My mum used to work in a special needs department at a school and she’s said herself that he shows autistic tendencies and behaviour yet the school skim straight past this every time.

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    Hi, I’m a single dad from Surrey and its been 7 years since my four’s mum left, she has no contact with them so it’s all on me. I have to say I still struggle with that loneliness feeling a lot of the time. But just keep reminding myself I have my kids and that is the main thing.

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