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    Hi Sonzie2

    thankyou so much for taking the time to read my long story and taking the time to post a response.  I guess doing what’s best for my son is really hard to figure out. I’m just scared of making the wrong choice.
    on one hand , he’s gone six months and only just stopped asking to go home or ask where his dad is, I’m frightened once he reconnects with his grandparents it will all come back to him again.
    One side of gran is ever so lovely and he adores them both. but the other side is possessive and manipulative. Was always wanting to help but it always felt like it was more lording power above me. I was always undermined, son came back with his lovely blonde curls cut off when I liked him having long hair, always changed him out of my clothes to put hers on him if she came to pick him up to take him out . Has a whole wardrobe of fancy clothes and shoes in his own room at her house , everything has to be better than what I have. Even went and got him his first bike after I said I was going to, all of his first things she tried to do before us even potty training which I was not happy about as it confused him . So many things that got under my skin and I put up with, now I don’t have to but I don’t want Alexander to suffer not having his grandparents.
    They were pretty much great parents for my ex in a financial sense but emotionally not at all , belittling because he was dyslexic and didn’t have a fancy job or any university degree . What if my son has learning problems.
    Thankyou so much for your time, and it sounds like your little one has such a wonderful family to nurture him xx

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