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    So sorry to hear you are going through this. It can be an incredibly difficult time. I can tell you that you will get there, and you will likely find strength you didn’t know you had. It is amazing how our little ones can be such a positive driving force. Take time for yourself whenever you can and as hard as it may be, accept any offers of help you get from family or friends. Don’t be too hard on yourself or compare to others, you’ll find a way to cope that will work for you and your children. Keep communication open and as civilised as possible (lord knows how difficult this can be at times).

    I know it probably all sounds like a lot of cliches at the moment but speaking 8 years down the line they were certainly true for me. Keep in touch with friends and maybe make new ones with some of the activities that Gingerbread may run in your area.

    Take care,

    Em x

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