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    hey Allfather, sorry to hear about the nightmare you have been going through.  where abouts are you, get in touch.  maybe we can help each other and share a house together and build a new life.  life can be so shite, trust me i know, we are still struggling now, story of my life.  just know you are not alone, and its good to talk,  as a previous person mentioned above, the school probably are aware how slack the mother is and she is probably being watched by the school under the Safe guarding policy.  what you need to do, is get yourself sorted and then you can claim her, through the courts.  its not that hard.  re the concerns about your child, you can contact the school and let them know who you are… so its known that you have independantly alerted the school about your childs welfare, or better still you can alert social services anonymously, (so to prevent any backlash from the mother,)  let them know that you have serious concerns about the childs welfare, let them know what you already know.  you dont have to say who you are.  so then atleast your child is being monitored by the system.  then start to concentrate on yourself.  dont worry about work too much, you need external support for single fathers or just men, speak to your doctor about your depression and get physically fit first, which will then help your mind. then take on a small part time job, so not stress yourself out.. little steps at a time.  holla back when you are ready… i hope that helps…stay strong, and stay with us, your daughter needs you to win this fight, and we want you to win this fight…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)