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    So sorry you’re going through this and it sounds like your other half isn’t making things easy for you. I don’t have much advice except to say you’re not alone, I’m in a similar position with a toddler and a baby on the way (I’m 5 months) and I’ve just had enough. I want to leave but I feel trapped too. It sounds reassuring that you are the home owner and financially independent, have you broached the subject of leaving with your partner or are you looking to explore options first? I’m in the opposite position and we live in a house jointly owned, however I now only work 3 days after having my first, so I can’t afford the mortgage on my own but my husband has our joint savings in his name so I can’t access it without asking him first, so can’t even look into temporarily moving out at the moment (I just can’t face speaking to him about it yet as we have been having marriage counselling which isn’t really helping but wanted to look into my options for just getting away).

    There’s an info bit on here about housing rights, not sure you can make him leave but do you think he would totally refuse to if you asked? Could you afford to stay elsewhere temporarily or stay with family or friends?

    Everything is so hard with covid. When are you due?

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