Training boosted my confidence

Posted 2 October 2017

How a Gingerbread course helped single mum Keisha gain self-confidence and work towards her dream of becoming a qualified accountant.

I want to be an inspiration to other single parents.
“You can do it.” That’s what I say. Believe in yourself, keep your head up high and put you and your kids first – always! That’s my philosophy.

It’s important to have goals and objectives and I do. I am training to be a qualified accountant and have now passed all my exams – except one.

Gingerbread has helped me a lot. Before I had my son I was a bubbly person but my confidence went down when I became a new mum. I’d always worked, I was in retail for ten years but before I took a Gingerbread course I’d been on benefits for eighteen months. I was looking for a way to get back on the road to paid work again.


The Gingerbread Horizons course was fantastic. I got the chance to do work experience, so I was then ready to take my final accountancy exams. I don’t think I could have done it otherwise. I was asked back to speak to single parents on another Gingerbread course about what I’ve achieved, I was very happy to do that.
My son is four. I’ve always been a single parent. When I found out I was pregnant me and my son’s dad had already split up. My ex sees his son and helps me all he can.

Me and my boy get on well, we read every day, do lots of stuff together, we have a good relationship.

I was born in Jamaica and came to England when I was 19.

My mum is brilliant, my dad died when I was three, so Mum brought up four of us on her own, she knows all about being a single parent.


The hardest time for me was when my baby was sick, looking after him at night. I told my mum I didn’t think I could do this anymore. She told me to be strong and I got through.

Now I’ve set up my own accountancy business, being self-employed is slow but I have five clients already.
I am looking for a part-time job as well, to get some regular money coming in.

I definitely want to develop my career, I’m looking to the future.

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