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The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018

Posted 28 November 2018

Our amazing Advice Team answer over 9,000 calls on the Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline every year, offering expert guidance on the first steps following separation to topics including housing, finances and family law. But we know...Gingerbread has been empowering single parent families to live secure, happy and fulfilling lives for over 100 years. Since 1918, we’ve been at the forefront of shaping policy and services that support single parents, championing...

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50 shades of guilt

Posted 8 October 2018

After separating from her partner ten years ago, Vicki used Gingerbread’s advice and guidance to move forward with her son. Here, she discusses the emotional aspects of her journey as a single parent. Someone once said...

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Vicki's Single Parent Story

14 things not to say to a single parent (and seven things you should)

Posted 20 September 2018

. Single parenting is hardly a new thing – there are over two million single parents in Britain today, and one in four families is a single parent family. But, for some reason, talking about single...Most single parents agreed that many of the ‘what not to say’ comments are well-meaning, but they stem from long-held myths. Is there something you wish people would or wouldn’t say to you about single...

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What not to say to single parents

Being a young single parent

Posted 7 September 2018

Amber from MTV’s Teen Mom UK is a single mum to her three-year old son, Brooklyn, and recently chatted to us about her experiences of being a young single parent. How did you feel when you...

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Amber chats to Gingerbread about her experiences as a young single parent

Our holiday as a single-parent family

Posted 16 July 2018

Single mum of three, Sally, recently booked a holiday with the support of a Family Fund Grant. Here, she discusses the highlights and challenges of her time in Rye. I’m Sally, and for almost three years,...

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A child's teddy bear sits inside a suitcase.

Building Family Adventures by Cris Thompson

Posted 3 April 2018

There are 3 of us; in ascending order, E is 8 and lives in an amazing world of his imagination.  L is 11 and is a Minecraft Redstone Master, Cris (me) is a computer programmer....Enter ‘Ethan The Explorer’ I remembered the stories I used to make up for the kids about ‘Ethan The Explorer’ and his cousin ‘Clever Chloe the Scientist’ – Chloe invented a time machine, so there were...

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Separating from a violent partner

Posted 3 April 2018

Single mum Dani talks about her experience of leaving an abusive relationship, and her advice for those who find themselves in a similar situation. In February 2012, my daughter was 5 months old. Her Dad was...

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