We hear hundreds of stories from single parents each year. Read some of these stories here, using our topic filter to help you find stories that are relevant to you.

Christmas During Covid – Sherisha’s Story

Posted 23 December 2020

Sherisha is single mum to a nine-year-old and has been a single parent since her daughter was born. She works full-time and volunteers as Gingerbread peer support group coordinator in Worcestershire. Wow – what a year!...

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Sherisha - Single parent peer support group volunteer with Gingerbread - the single parents' charity

Alone – Natalie’s #FixTheCMS story

Posted 28 July 2020

Natalie is one of the claimants for our #FixTheCMS legal challenge. Natalie is a single parent and former journalist who has used CMS for her two sons since 2015. She started off getting regular payment...

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Why I’m fundraising – Raf’s story

Posted 22 June 2020

  Raf is raising money for Gingerbread through a sponsored skydive. Raised by a single parent and with a single parent sister, he talks about his experiences with single parenting and why the cause is so...

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Life in lockdown – Jennifer’s story

Posted 5 May 2020

“Sorry, we can’t help you.” As single parents with abusive ex-partners, this is something we hear again and again. They try every trick in the book – under-declaring their income, dissolving their businesses, hiding assets and...

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Jennifer Single Parent Story

Parenting in a Pandemic – Daniel’s story

Posted 29 April 2020

Daniel Betts is a single parent from Basingstoke UK. He runs the website The Breaking Dad and the Instagram account @the_breaking_dad, documenting his journey through single parenthood. Alone. For single parents across the UK, that’s the reality...

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