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Welcome to The Single Parents’ Day Great Ginger Bake!

As part of our Single Parents’ Day festivities, we are encouraging families to come together and bake!

Whether you and your family fancy decorating gingerbread people in your own style, creating a gingerbread house or enjoying a crafty afternoon together baking up your favourite cupcakes – whatever you want to do for Single Parents’ Day 2021, we can’t wait to see your pics!

Need a little inspiration? Check out Thea and Mo’s gluten-free yoghurt banana bread recipe (yum!).

Or discover our Gingerbread recipe here.

Ready, set… bake!

Get baking throughout the week before Single Parents’ Day and upload your pics on Sunday 21st March with the hashtags #GreatGingerBake and #SingleParentStrength.

Don’t forget to set your post to public if you’d like us to see it!

Let’s enjoy some good old fashioned family time this Single Parents’ Day and have a giggle to celebrate you!

When you’ve uploaded pics of your fabulous creations, if you’d like to donate to the Gingerbread Single Parents Day appeal, you can make a one-off donation or set up regular giving here:

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