The Gingerbread Single Parents' Day Fundraising Appeal 2021

"Thank you so much for your help. This has been really, really useful to me. I really appreciate it. It’s amazing that we can access this service for free."

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After a #yearofresilience, single parents need your support for the challenges ahead.

Can you step up and support single parents on Single Parents’ Day?

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For Single Parents’ Day this year, we’re celebrating single parents and sharing their tales of resilience. But we also know that single parents are facing a lot of the challenges – and we know that new ones will emerge over the coming year.

For our Single Parents’ Day campaign, we’re raising funds to provide support for single parents through:

  • Expert and up-to-date advice and information from Gingerbread’s free helpline and website, offering the tools needed to manage the financial and practical challenges single parents face as this pandemic continues.
  • Peer-to-peer support services, connecting single parent families through local groups and our online forum, helping to reduce loneliness and isolation exacerbated by lockdowns and social distancing.
  • Evidence-based research, policy and campaigning work to create a fairer system, giving single parents and their children the chance to thrive.
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"You and your organisation are doing an amazing job supporting people. It’s really, really appreciated."

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The resilience that single parents have shown over the past year has been absolutely inspirational – and it’s come despite the challenges and setbacks that the pandemic has presented.

Financially speaking, single parents have been among the worst-hit by the COVID-19 crisis: many single parents having lost income or even their jobs, with their income falling by more than double that of couple parents.

Practical challenges have also emerged, with single parents twice as likely to lack the equipment to be able to home-educate their children during these lockdowns – along with serious issues around childcare.

Besides the obvious implications, all of this can also lead to a lot of stress, which can negatively impact on mental health and cause further stress – making it even harder to cope during the seemingly endless lockdowns and social distancing.

Despite these hurdles, our community has shown its #singleparentstrength throughout. Gingerbread has been inundated with stories of how single parents have supported themselves – and each other – through the Covid-19 crisis.

Gingerbread support has been there every step of way.

From our advice service – providing up-to-date information through our expert helpline and online information pages – to our peer support services – constantly adapting to the new challenges faced by single parents.

Our policy and research team, too, have worked tirelessly to highlight to government, the press and the public how single parents have been disproportionately impacted by nationwide pandemic measures.

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Single parent, Ferne McCann, reads to her daughter.

Celebrity single mum, Ferne McCann, launched the Gingerbread Single Parents’ Day fundraising appeal this year and we’re so proud to call her a Gingerbread ambassador.

Read more about Ferne’s involvement here – or hear about it in Ferne’s own words, on her Instagram!

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