Being a single parent always requires strength and resilience, no matter the circumstances. But this year we've seen the entire single parent community tap reserves they didn't know they had, with many working from home, parenting solo and home-schooling at the same time and many with decreased incomes through extended furlough - or even through having been laid off. Through all the ups and downs of the pandemic, single parents have continued to do the absolute best by their families - with reduced or no support network.

No matter what we write here, it will never come close to capturing how this experience has been for single parent families. And that's why we want to hear your story in your voice! Click through below to #YearOfResilience – Your #SingleParentStrength story to share your story in your words and inspire other single parents.

It's time to celebrate you!

So, what have we got lined up? From The Great Ginger Bake to the return of the family-friendly Great Ginger Quiz and the (not-so-family-friendly!) Single Parents' Comedy Night, we aim to celebrate you with a few giggles and some good old-fashioned fun!

Scroll down to get involved in the Single Parents' Day 2021 activities!

Single Parents' Day 2021 - #singleparentstrength #yearofresilience