Single Parents’ Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1984 - but only since very recently in the UK. Following a petition set up by Janice Molgen and the organisation Parents Without Partners, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5166, bringing Single Parents' Day into existence to be celebrated on 21st March each year. In 2018, Single Parents’ Day was launched in the UK - finally giving us a chance to highlight the accomplishments of single parents! Since then, Gingerbread has celebrated Single Parents’ Day by bringing attention to the plight of single parents and celebrating the amazing achievements of the nearly two million single parent families across the country.

It's a day for single parents to reflect on and celebrate their achievements, for the world to show single parents how much they're valued and for organisations like us to join in - and push for a more equal society, in which all families are on a level playing field, however many parents they have!

We love celebrating Single Parents' Day each year! Enjoy clicking through below to see how we've celebrated over the past few years.

Single Parents' Day - Gingerbread, the single parents' charity