Change of address

Please note that we have recently moved offices. Our new address is: Gingerbread, 54-74 Holmes Road, London, NW5 3AQ. All of our phone numbers are unchanged.

For advice and information

For office enquiries

  • Note: you will not receive advice on this phone number. Please only call this number with an office query, as you will not be able to reach an adviser through this number and should instead call our helpline
  • Phone: 0207 428 5400

For groups and peer support enquiries

For fundraising and donations

For skills and learning enquiries

For press and media enquiries

Please do not contact for anything other than media enquiries. Our calls and emails are handled by Fresh Communication.

For membership enquiries

Please only contact this email address with queries about becoming a Gingerbread member and registering with the website.

For suggestions and complaints

Your views are important to us, so we have a dedicated process to respond. Read our policy to understand how to contact us, and how we will deal with your suggestion or concern.

For general enquiries

Only use this form if you have a question that isn’t related to one of the above areas of Gingerbread’s work.

Please remember, we cannot reply to email requests for advice and information. If you need advice please call our helpline or visit our information pages.

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  • Remember, we're unable to provide advice by email. Look at our online information or call our helpline to speak to one of our advisers.
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  • We will only use your email address to get back to you about your question - unless you give us further permission. For more information, take a look at our privacy policy.
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    Gingerbread cannot provide advice or support by email. If you need advice please call our helpline or visit our information pages (see above).
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54-74 Holmes Road