Do you want to feel more confident to be able to save? We know it can be difficult to keep track of where your money is going and how to save sensibly when there are so many competing pressures. Our financial training course helps you to manage changes in your finances. Our goal is to help you make the most of your money with easy, practical ways to budget and manage difficult periods.

In January and February, Gingerbread is offering a FREE 2 day training course in London, Cardiff and Liverpool, to help you work towards setting and achieving your savings goal. Lunch will be provided and you will receive a £20 shopping voucher to say thank you for your time. There are a limited number of bursaries available to support you with your travel and childcare costs.

You must be available for both days.

Please fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in taking part or email if you have any questions.

    With your consent, Gingerbread collects your personal details and demographic information to administer the training and to understand the impact of Gingerbread’s services. This information is reported anonymously in our impact reports. Your data will be protected and stored securely in accordance with GDPR, and will not be shared with any third parties. We will store personal data until March 2020. You have the right to know what data we hold and to correct or withdraw your consent to for us to hold it at any time. If you wish to make a request or find out more about how we use your data, please contact Hannah Woods, Head of Learning and Evaluation: