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    Hi, I have a nearly 3 month old and my babies father is an emotional abusing narc. He got worse through my pregnancy and worse since I gave birth. I recently left him as his behaviour one day had me in fear that he would hit me and another time where I feared for the babies safety. I have kept myself and baby away from him for 5 weeks now. I feel its better to keep my baby safe an have no contact with him but then I feel like I have to let him be a father but what if he physically or emotionally harms her.

    None of the above is advice, just a part of my story. Alot of narcissistic people tend to emotionally abuse people too so if you’re unclear of what is considered as emotional abuse then please look it up. I was unaware, I didnt think I was in an abusive relationship until I started asking Google why he does certain things then from reading online I eventually opened up to family and let them know what goes on and how I feel. I wish I realised sooner as I am now also stuck with him in my life forever. As much as we have not seen him he is trying to get back together with me so won’t leave us alone.

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