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    Liane 245

    I was placed in a womens refuge on an emergency admission. I’ve not seen my kids dad since 2012.

    Been on the forum a while. Hope to get to some groups or meet ups this year.

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    Liane 245

    Hey Katie.

    I can totally relate to the feelings after seperation. The first year and a half I was ready to throw the towel in and quit it all. But recently spoke with a neighbour about now nearly a decade and how glad I am to have not continued with my childrens father.

    I have 3 children and every so often I’ll feel that lust for a relationship. Your not alone.

    I’m in Essex but do drive. I’ll send you a friend request over if ever you just want to chat.

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    Liane 245

    Oh no. Oh no….

    I’ve missed you guys.

    I read the title and the first post. Don’t ever feel like you can’t because you have kids. Its a new year and the new calendars and diaries should all have ME Time in!!!!

    I went to a singles event new years eve. It was a last minute thing as recently I’ve been kicking local and just confusing myself. So i popped a Skiddle.

    The Nordic bar London new years eve traffic light singles event.

    Soooooo nice to be around SINGLES.

    Its not really like Mr Right is going to be there with his red carnation and big arms ready to…… but it was fun.

    This year I am out for singles events. So if anyone inboxes me we could make it a group thing.


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    Liane 245

    Summers coming. A nice common place like a park with swings and slides where all relevant adults can be.

    I think the mums concerns are justified. If the child is performing from a phone xall think of what she’d have to deal with letting him go and then having him back.

    After seperation some children are better emotionally adapt to be reassured that all parents ‘get on’. Its an allowance of conversationand hapiness for hapiness.

    Try to arrange a mutual play date as the weather warms all parents and children together so the chikd can be reassured theres no bad blood.

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    Liane 245

    You both sound like very admirable men.

    The Victorian ghost story book sounds right up my street.

    I went out 3 nights in a row. Everytime in a form of fancy dress. On the sunday went to karaoke at the town centre pub.

    It was a rare good laugh.

    As you say andrew now onto the next part a childless Christmas with family and friends????

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