It can be complicated to work out your finances when you’re having a baby or adopting a child. It’s important to know if you are eligible for benefits and tax credits and when to claim them, so you don’t miss out on money your family is entitled to.

It’s also important to know about maternity, paternity and adoption pay so you can plan your finances.

Our ‘Money during maternity, paternity and adoption’ factsheet will help you explore the information you need on:

  • Money for you during maternity or adoption leave
  • Tax credits
  • Money to help with children’s expenses
  • Help with health and housing costs
  • Key dates: what to do and when
  • Problems during maternity, paternity or adoption
  • Further help and information

The information in this factsheet is intended as a guide. If you are under 25, caring for someone who is disabled or ill, or have a mortgage, the rules can be different. The information on adoptions only applies to adoptions within the UK.

The information in this factsheet is correct as of April 2017.

Note: If you have recently come to the United Kingdom, have limited right to be here, or are from the European Union, you might not be able to claim the benefits set out in this factsheet. Get specialist advice from your local advice centre before making a claim. See the ‘further help and information’ section of this factsheet for organisations that can help.

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