Single Parents Day

Happy Single Parents Day 2024!

This Single Parents Day we’re celebrating the hard work and dedication of all single parents. In recent weeks we’ve invited you to nominate your superheroes and have been amazed by the response. Visit our gallery to read about our inspirational single parent superheroes, and the single parent champions – friends, grandparents and employers – who help single-parent families to thrive.

Why we celebrate Single Parents Day

Single Parents Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1984. Following a petition set up by Janice Molgen and the organisation Parents Without Partners, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5166, bringing Single Parents’ Day into existence to be celebrated on 21st March each year.

In 2018, Single Parents Day launched in the UK. Since then, Gingerbread has celebrated Single Parents Day by bringing attention to the challenges faced by single parents and celebrating the amazing achievements of the nearly two million single parent families across the country.

Single Parents Day is a time for single parents to reflect on and celebrate their successes. It’s also a chance  for the world to show single parents how much they’re valued and for organisations like Gingerbread to push for a more equal society, in which all families are on a level playing field, regardless how many parents they have.

Get involved in Single Parents Day 2024

We want to celebrate the hard work, love and dedication that single parents show their families – and we’d love you to join us!

Share your story

Do you have a story about your single parent journey that you’d like to share? Sharing your experience can help other single parents feel less alone. We feature real-life stories so that single mums and dads can support, inspire and encourage each other. We’d love to share more single parent stories on Single Parent’s Day!

Find out more about sharing your story.

Celebrate Single Parents Day at work

Find out more about how your business or organisation can get involved in Single Parents Day. Our resources page has a range of different ways you can get involved. Pick and choose what works best for your organisation. There’s no rush to do everything in March just to fit in with Single Parents Day – we want you to celebrate single parents all year round!

Check out our resources for business page

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