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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Factsheets for "A-Z"

Title  Category  Updated 
Action to take when a relationship ends Your Family 12/08/15
Benefits and tax credits for ill health or disabil... Your Money 24/04/15
Benefits and tax credits if you work 16 hours a we... Your Money,Your Work 24/04/15
Changing a child’s name or birth certificate Your Family 24/07/15
Claiming Income Support and other benefits Your Money 24/04/15
Claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and other benefits Your Money,Your Work 24/04/15
Dealing with Debt Your Money 01/07/13
Enforcing payment of child maintenance through the... Your Money 24/04/15
Getting legal help Your Money,Your Family 27/07/15
Getting the right amount of child maintenance Your Money 04/04/11
Help when you can’t agree Your Family 24/07/15
Holidays 2015 Your Family 30/04/15
Housing options for single parents Your Money 06/02/12
How to complain to the Child Support Agency Your Money 24/04/15
Information for parents who don’t live with their ... Your Family 05/09/14
Jobseeker’s allowance – special rules for single p... Your Money,Your Work 30/05/14
Looking after your emotional health Your Family 04/11/13
Making arrangements for child maintenance Your Money,Your Family 05/02/14
Making arrangements for your children Your Family 05/12/14
Making ends meet Your Money 16/01/14
Money during maternity, paternity and adoption Your Money,Your Work,Your Family 30/04/15
Money for further education students Your Money,Your Work 22/09/14
Money for higher education students Your Money,Your Work 08/09/14
Moving from benefits to work Your Money,Your Work 07/04/14
Parental responsibility Your Family 24/06/15
Sanctions Your Money,Your Work 24/04/15
Support for children and young people Your Family 20/05/14
Tax credits when your circumstances change Your Money 24/07/14
Using the Child Maintenance Service Your Money,Your Family 27/01/15
Working life – a guide to your rights in the workp... Your Work 03/10/12

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