“I can’t stop and have a bad time. I have to keep going” – Lowri’s story

Posted 6 December 2022

Right now, single parents are having to make impossible choices to keep their children fed and warm.

We have launched our Christmas Appeal to help ensure that no single parent is alone with Gingerbread.

Throughout our appeal, you will hear from single parents about how the economic crisis is affecting them and their children. Research from the Independent Women’s Budget Group in October identified that the government’s benefits plans would leave single mothers worse off than any other group of people living in poverty.

The first single mum featured in our appeal is Lowri who is bringing up her 22-month-old son on her own after her relationship with his dad broke down.

The last few months have been hard for their little family. For the first time in her life, despite working full time in a job with a good salary, Lowri is really struggling to find enough money each month.

She told us: “It’s only me providing for Louis and the costs of everything – food, fuel, childcare – keep rising. By the time I’ve paid our rent and Louis’s nursery fees, I have a tiny budget for food, nappies and the other things we need. All of the responsibility is mine.”

She worries about her mental health. “My life is exhausting. I’m burnt out. But I can’t stop and have a bad time. I have to keep going. Everything I do is for Louis, and none of this is his fault.”

This year, we are incredibly fortunate that two of our supporters have promised to double every donation we receive until we reach our target of raising £20,000 this winter for single parents. Visit our Christmas Appeal campaign page to read more and donate.

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