How to weave wellness into your day

Posted 16 August 2022

by Sarah Ashe

No one needs another line on their never-ending to do list, another ball in the juggle of life, or another plate to add to those we already have desperately spinning.


Sometimes, finding space for wellness or exercise can feel like a chore. How are you going to magic up non-existent time for a Pilates class, or find the silence that you need for meditation, or the window of opportunity for a workout?


Wellbeing shouldn’t be an afterthought, it’s something we all deserve to prioritise daily but we know that busy lives (and kids) make this hard.


We’ve put together some easy tips to help you simplify your wellness routine so that it becomes second nature, meaning you can get on with being happy and healthy, easily.


Routine is key


Aim to build wellness or exercise into your existing routine. Doing a class, meditating or going for a walk at the same time every day makes things flow more easily, and so becomes habitual and feels effortless. Using your tried and tested routine to anchor any wellness or exercise means you don’t have to make major changes. It could be as simple as taking 10 deep breaths after brushing your teeth.


Tip: Leave notes for yourself around the house to spark motivation and commitment. Post-it notes on the bathroom mirror, on the milk bottle in the fridge or the inside of your wardrobe might remind you to complete your wellness or exercise activity.


Make yourself accountable


Tell your kids, friends, family, neighbour, or even your postman what you’re doing and why. Instruct them to ask you about your progress or gently remind you what you have committed to. Tell your family that your meditation space is special, your solo walks are important, or your exercise class is non-negotiable.


Tip: Find a wellness buddy! Go to classes together and chat about your goals, wins and challenges.


Take the pressure off


Let’s be real – we can’t all meditate in a beautiful Balinese-style studio with incense and sound bowls. Sometimes we can’t even make it out of the house to go on a walk. Let yourself be imperfect. Things will slip, but don’t beat yourself up. If you take the pressure off, your wellness and exercise goals won’t feel like a chore, they’ll be enjoyable.


Tip: Aim to practice little and often. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, find something that’s realistic for you and your life.


Learn to say ‘No’

You can’t be everything to everyone. If someone asks you for something that clashes with your wellness or exercise activity, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’, or ‘maybe next time.’ More often than not your friends or loved ones will understand.


Tip: Sometimes we have to let things go – we can’t do everything. Make a list of priorities and let some of the items lower down the list go. Re-assess your list every couple of months to make sure it still feels right for you.


Make a plan


Take time to make a plan. Get a clear picture in your head of when you want to do things so that you can use your time wisely. If you use a wall planner or diary you can write your wellness or exercise commitments into that space. If you’re working, why not add to your email calendar – that way you’ll get an alert to remind you of your wellness or exercise practice – no excuses!


Tip: Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to organise everything you need to do the next day, that way you can go to bed with a clear head and wake up organised!


Most of all, make it fun


Don’t push yourself to go on a run if you hate it. Don’t force yourself to sit and meditate if you can’t think of anything worse. Let your wellness and exercise routine make you feel happy and motivated. There’s plenty of options out there, find your ‘thing’ and put your heart and soul into it!


Tip: Don’t forget that most people don’t like what they aren’t good at. Don’t disregard a practice because you feel like you’re rubbish at it. If deep down you enjoy it, stick at it and find the satisfaction and joy in developing a skill.