How to create a workout space at home

Posted 6 September 2022

by Sarah Ashe


Many of us turned to online workouts during the pandemic and realised just how convenient and easy exercising at home can be!

Whether it’s taking 15 minutes after the school run to have a quick stretch, doing some squats and lunges whilst the pasta boils, or fitting in a sneaky yoga class whilst the kids do their homework, there’s no question that it’s advantageous. But that’s not to say it is easy.

Setting up your home for your workout can enhance your experience and create a space that feels calm and welcoming. Follow these tips and you’ll be all set!


Find a corner for exercise


If you can, choose a corner of your home that you know you can practice in whenever you want to do a class or roll out your mat. Make this your dedicated exercise space.

You can decorate it with plants, candles, your weights and your mat – whatever helps determine that this is your workout zone. Every time you step into this space it will be like stepping into your very own studio.


Keep it tidy


Keep your workout space and the space around it tidy. No one wants to be seeing dirty dishes from Warrior 1, or staring at dust bunnies whilst planking. This external dirt and clutter could also start to clutter your mind and distract you during your class.

Make sure your workout zone is tidy, clean and smells good!


Press play


If the class you’re attending doesn’t offer music, bring your own! Music can be motivating, calming, energising or peaceful and can add so much to a workout.

Spotify has thousands of suitable playlists. Or, why not email the teacher who’s due to run the class and ask them to send you their recommended playlist – they’ll love it!


Make technology your friend


It might sound obvious but making sure you have everything you need to connect to your class means you won’t miss out because your technology let you down!

Here’s a checklist to help:

– Is my phone/laptop fully charged?
– Am I connected to the WiFi?
– Do I have the relevant apps downloaded – e.g. Zoom, Instagram, Microsoft Teams

Don’t forget to create a space for your laptop or phone to sit. Take some time to angle it so that you can see the teacher, and they can see you. Make sure you set everything up in good time so that you aren’t late to class.

A little tip: if you’re joining a live Zoom class, turn your camera on. It can help you to feel a connection with the teacher and other students.
If you’re joining via IG Live feel free to say hello to the teacher and let them know via the comments how you’re feeling and if you have any injuries or questions.


You do you!


An incredible benefit of working out at home is that you can bring whatever you like to class!

You can rock up in your PJs, bring a cup of tea, let your dog join in or cuddle a hot water bottle. No one can see you, so go wild!


When you’ve got your space all ready to go, why not join in with our new timetable of free classes starting Monday 12th September on the Gingerbread Instagram account!