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Last year, we encouraged single parents to share their stories, both through our website and on Twitter. There were many heartwarming moments through the day that celebrated the strength and power of single parents.

Ema and Daniel, two single parents, have written something for us for Single Parents’ Day. Read their stories below!

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I also now understand what Single Parent Strength is. Gingerbread has helped me to know and understand that I am not the only single parent out there that is going through the same issues: we all face them together. Reading the amazing single parent stories and comments on the forum on Gingerbread website has made me realize we need each other as we can all be stronger together. I used to feel very much alone and didn’t realize that others were going through the same things I was: Gingerbread helped me know that I’m not alone.

We heard from Lidia about how Gingerbread made an impact on her life.