We make it a priority to champion the voices and needs of single parents in the media. Here are some highlights from our recent press coverage.

2019 press highlights

January – March

Refinery29  I Was A Single Mum At 24 With 3 Kids, Now I Work In TV. Here’s How I Did It

Refinery29 The No Bulls**t Guide To Your First Few Months As A Single Mum

Huffington Post UK I’m A Single Mother Of Four, And The Benefit Cap Is Pushing Us Deeper Into Poverty

Refinery29 To All The Single Mothers Out There: You Are NOT Alone

Huffington Post UK The Hard Work Of Single Parents Recognised On Single Parents’ Day

Huffington Post UK ”It’s Like Daddy Daycare”: Meet The Young Black Dads Flying The Flag For Fatherhood

Mirror.co.uk Calls to scrap ”outdated” single holiday supplements that rip off lone travellers

New Statesman The A to Z of Universal Credit

2018 press highlights

October – December

iNews “Flawed Universal Credit left me with £8.89 to live on – now I’m taking the Government to court”

FT.com How universal credit’s ”minefield” of rules discourages work

Metro.co.uk I’m a single mum waiting for Universal Credit. The last time I was this scared I was in labour

Metro.co.uk Nothing prepares you for the loneliness of being a single mother by sperm donor

Mirror.co.uk Universal Credit hits women hardest as single mums lose thousands every year

Third Force News Charities put the record straight on Universal Credit `support’

New Statesman Why are we surprised Universal Credit hurts women? That was the plan, after all

Metro.co.uk Without fundamental reform, Universal Credit will put single parents at risk of poverty

BBC GCSE book pulled after stereotyping Caribbean dads as ”largely absent”

The Guardian.com GCSE textbook condemned for racist Caribbean stereotypes

iNews Low-income families set to lose £200 a month in Universal Credit changeover

July – September

Huffington Post UK Universal Credit `Costs Self-Employed Thousands Every Year”

iNews Universal Credit could `cost the self-employed thousands of pounds every year”

The Guardian.com Universal credit `costs the self-employed thousands of pounds a year”

Mirror.co.uk Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May explode with anger as Labour leader blasts ”outrageous” Universal Credit

The Guardian.com PMQs verdict: Corbyn nails it with focus on universal credit

Metro.co.uk The benefit cap is too harsh on single parents and nearly left us homeless

Mirror.co.uk Holiday firms charging single-parent families up to a third more per person than couples with a kid

Huffington Post UK Cheryl And Liam Split: How To Manage A Break-Up When You Have A Baby Or Young Children

April – June

New Statesman The car crash of Universal Credit is an omen for Brexit

The Pool Finally, a Father’s Day card for single mums

The Independent Single parents pay more to go on holiday than two-parent families, according to research

The Guardian.com Single parents still paying more for holidays says new research

The Independent Father’s Day cards for single mums are being sold and people love it

Metro.co.uk Paperchase is selling Father’s Day cards for single mums

New Statesman “It’s not old men doing the job anymore”: meet the single parent MPs transforming Westminster

Huffington Post UK Single Parents More Likely To Suffer ”Unfair” Benefit Sanctions, Research Finds