Our Change Framework is an integral part of Gingerbread's journey to becoming a learning organisation. We're working hard to make sure that our services continue to meet the needs of single parents across England and Wales, and that Gingerbread remains fit for the future. This report has been part of the process, drawing on staff experience and expertise of what we've delivered in the past, as well as collecting, analysing, and using existing and new data to help make decisions on what should form our core impact on single parent families in the future.

“Through our ambitious new strategy, we at Gingerbread must especially support single parents to respond to predictions that poverty will rise. To do this, we need to focus on evidence-based strategy, service design and learning to maximise our impact for single parent families. This is the early stage of our learning journey. We aspire to be more adaptable and tailored to the changing needs of single parents, and be able to grow, deliver, and sustain our vision for the future.”

Fran Parry, Gingerbread Trustee

In 2017, we began a strategic review of Gingerbread’s services, impact and business model. Two years into this process, the feedback from single parents, our own reflections, and the external evidence delivers powerful messages for Gingerbread’s future focus.

From 2019 onwards, we will now be looking at how we respond to these learnings by delivering our new strategy. We want to celebrate our successes but also be honest about what we need to change.

We’ve published this report to share insights and learning on single parents’ needs. A key part of our strategy is working with others to build transparent and open partnerships to deliver our strategy to 2021 and beyond.

We hope this report will begin conversations and build on existing work with others to develop a more focused approach on partnership working.

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