The Great Ginger Bake

Welcome to the Great Ginger Bake 

Our new baking challenge for children and young people. Everyone taking part will learn some new baking skills while helping raise money for Gingerbread. It is fun and easy to join in!  

Week 1 – Banana Bread

Week 2 – Bread Week

Week 3 – Cake Week

Week 4 – Gingerbread Week

The Great Ginger Bake will run from 28 September for FOUR WEEKS.  

  1. Sign up using the form below (adults and over 13s.  If you are under 13 please ask a parent or guardian to help you sign up!). 
  2. We will email you a FUNDRAISING PACK and SPONSORSHIP FORM 
  3. Receive a weekly CHALLENGE BAKE RECIPE 
  4. On your marks, get set, BAKE 
  5. Share your pictures and tag @Gingerbread on Facebook and@gingerbreadcharity on Instagram or use the hashtag #GreatGingerBake 
  6. Collect your SPONSORSHIP MONEY 
  7. Get your Great Ginger Bake CERTIFICATE 

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We have not set a minimum target to take part in the Gingerbread Great Ginger Bake as we want it to be a fun activity for you and your children. However, we suggest you try to raise at least £10 per weekly Challenge (£40 in total). All funds will go towards our work supporting single parent families.

Why Gingerbread? 

In over a fifth of UK families, children are being raised by a single parent. Even before Covid-19, children living in single parent households were twice as likely to be living in poverty compared to those in coupled parent households.  The  impacts of the lockdown has made the challenges single parents face even tougher.  Many lost jobs or faced reduced incomes.  Many struggled with the practical demands of juggling work with homeschooling and the loss of childcare support.  Many felt isolated and alone.  While the impacts of the lockdown may now be easing, for many single parents the financial, practical and emotional uncertainty will remain for a long time to come. 

Gingerbread can help.

We are the only national charity providing expert practical and emotional support for single parents. We help with the challenges of being the only adult raising a child so that single parents can build strong and loving families.  

Your sponsorship money will support our work with single parents.

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How does it work?

For the four weeks that the Great Ginger Bake runs, there will be a weekly baking challenge. We will release the Great Ginger Bake Challenge and its recipe every Wednesday. Signing up means you get it straight to your email in-box. Otherwise check our website and social media. 

Bake anytime but if you share a picture of your child’s bakes on Facebook or Instagram before Monday morning with #GreatGingerBake we will create #GreatGingerBake stories. Like and share #GreatGingerBread stories with your family and friends to help your child raise more sponsorship money. 

How to stay safe in the kitchen?

Here are the Great Ginger Bake tips for staying safe in the kitchen while baking up a storm. 

  1. Before you bake, tell an adult or get their help 
  2. Wash your hands 
  3. Make sure you have all the ingredients to hand 
  4. Use an oven glove to move anything hot 
  5. Don’t use the oven without telling an adult 
  6. Don’t use sharp knives without telling an adult 
  7. Ask before you lick or eat raw ingredients 
  8. Tidy everything up afterwards!  

How do I set up my child’s Great Ginger Bake fundraising page?

We are using the online donation platform JustGiving to collect all the sponsorship money raised through the Great Ginger Bake to support single parents.  

JustGiving is a safe and secure platform that will also collect Gift Aid for us from eligible donations, which gives us an extra 25% without costing our donors a single penny.  

Go to our Great Ginger Bake JustGiving campaign page here and follow the instructions to set up a family Great Ginger Bake page. It is easy and straightforward to do and will give you a link that you can share with family and friends for them to sponsor your child. 

We will use the details you put into your JustGiving page to issue your child with their Great Ginger Bake certificate . The details that will appear in the certificate are the name you put into JustGiving and the amount your family page raises.  

We will email the certificate to the email address you put into JustGiving. If your JustGiving is using a different e-mail address to the one you used to sign up to the Great Ginger Bake to get your Fundraising packs and weekly challenges, please e-mail us to inform us the name of the JustGiving page you are using.

Your JustGiving Page

The name you add to your JustGiving page will appear online to the public. You can choose to use your child’s name, your own name or a family name. The certificate will be issued in the name that appears on your JustGiving page. Please E-Mail if you would like it to appear differently on the certificate

The amount of money you raise will be displayed on your JustGiving page along with the name that you have chosen.

How can I help my child to fundraise?

Set up a Great Ginger Bake JustGiving page and make the first donation to get them going. The first donation ‘sets the bar’ for the donations that follow, and it will help get them off to a positive start.  

Then share the link to your Great Ginger Bake JustGiving page with the people that you know on social media and by email. Typically, people have to see things three times before they take an action – so don’t be afraid to send polite reminders. And thank people who do make a donation. 

Each Monday and Tuesday we will share pictures of the Great Ginger Bakes that are posted on @gingerbreadcharity Facebook and Instagram with #GreatGingerBake. Spot your child’s bake on our channels and share it with people who you’ve asked for sponsorship. It will celebrate your child’s baking achievements and act as a gentle nudge to people who have not yet pledged to sponsor them.   

How to collect sponsorship money?

There are 2 ways to start collecting sponsorship money. The easiest way is by creating a JustGiving page donation directly into your family’s Great Ginger Bake JustGiving page 

A sponsorship form will also be e-mailed to you once you have signed up and you can use this to collect cash.  You can sign up here.

Once you have completed your sponsorship form and collected all the donations, you can e-mail and

See also setting up a JustGiving page and How can you get the Gift Aid. 

How can you get the GiftAid?

Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25% of all eligible donations without it costing the person giving the sponsorship money a single extra penny. However, we can only do this if we have the name and address details.  

You can collect the details we need to claim Gift Aid on your child’s SPONSORSHIP FORM or you can put the Gift Aid details into JustGiving.  

If your friends and family are paying money directly into your Great Ginger Bake JustGiving page, then please ask them to select the Gift Aid option.  

If you have collected cash donations then please ensure all donor’s details are correct on the sponsorship form and then e-mail for instructions on how to send us your sponsorship money.

What are the weekly Great Ginger Bake Challenges?

As part of the challenge  we will set a weekly baking theme. 

The weekly theme will be announced each Wednesday at midday.  

We will share a video of  our single parent baker family Thea and Mo baking that week’s theme on our Facebook, Instagram and Great Ginger Bake Website

Thea and Mo  will be baking gluten and nut free because of allergies. We will share their recipe you can follow their recipes and other child friendly versions of that week’s theme will also be shared on our Great Ginger Bake website page.

If you sign up to the Great Ginger Bake, then we will email those to you directly to your inbox. You can sign up here. Otherwise, they will be available from our website and social media.  

Use our recipes or do your own twist!  

We are looking forward to seeing what you all produce. Just remember to use #GreatGingerBake when you post your picture so we can find it. 

How do we get a Great Ginger Bake certificate?

We will use the information that you put into JustGiving to issue Great Ginger Bake certificates at the end of the four Great Ginger Bake weekly challenges.  

We will ask all Great Ginger Bakers to make sure all their sponsorship money is in their GGB JustGiving family page before 14 November – three weeks after the last Great Ginger Bake weekly Challenge.  

Alternatively please e-mail your completed sponsorship forms and send in the donations by 14 November.

Watch out for emails and posts on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for reminders to get your sponsorship money into JustGiving.   

We will issue our Great Ginger Bake certificates on 16 November using the information we have in JustGiving. 

If you want a different name on the certificate to that on your JustGiving page, please e-mail

How will you use pictures of our bakes on social media?

Children and young people taking part in the Great Ginger Bake should only post pictures of their Great Ginger Bakes on their own Instagram and social media accounts if they are 13 and over. 

Otherwise all Great Ginger Bake pictures should be shared using an adult’s social media accounts. 

Gingerbread will be using our @gingerbread Facebook page and @gingerbreadcharity Instagram account to support and promote the Great Ginger Bake. We will promote it on Twitter and LinkedIn too but the content will be on Facebook and Instagram 

We will share all pictures of bakes that have the hashtag #GreatGingerBake each week to celebrate and thank everyone who joins in with the Great Ginger Bake. We are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  

What difference does Gingerbread make?

Gingerbread is the only national charity that supports single parents.  

There are around two million single parents with majority care for their kids in Britain today – that’s more than a fifth of families with children. 

Single parents do a brilliant job but paying the bills and juggling work and family life on your own can be a real challenge. Children in single parent families are twice as likely as children in couple families to live in poverty. 

We run a helpline and advices service for single parents; have local peer support groups of single parents helping each other out around the countryand carry out research and campaigns to make positive systemic change happen so that single parents have fewer struggles. 

You can read more about the impact that we make. 

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