Donations help us to work for and with single parent families. If you don’t wish to give online, there are plenty of others ways to support us. Look through this page for others ways to give, or click on the links below for the area you are interested in.

I have donated to Gingerbread and I wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all of the work that you do. It is great to know there are people working hard to help support single parent families.

Richard, Gingerbread donor

Ways to donate

You might also have questions on what Gift Aid involves if you choose to donate to us. Find out more on the website.

As you dine

Did you know you can support Gingerbread when you eat out? By booking through ChariTable Bookings, you can dine out at great venues whilst still donating to a great cause. For every guest in your booking, £1 will be donated to us!

All you have to do is download the free ChariTable app on your smart phone and create an account – alternatively, you can do this online. Select a restaurant you would like to visit, confirm your booking with the restaurant with ChariTable, go, and enjoy your dining experience. Once this booking has been confirmed by the restaurant to ChariTable, Gingerbread will receive £1 for every guest who attended. It is a simple way to donate while enjoying your meal.

As you earn

Giving as you earn is an easy, tax-effective way of making a regular donation to Gingerbread directly from your salary. As the donation comes straight from your pre-tax earnings, the government will top up your donation at no cost to you.

Your finance or human resources department can tell you if a scheme is already in place. If there is, they can tell you the simple steps for setting up a give as you earn donation to Gingerbread. Some employers generously match donations – check if yours does!

If there is no scheme at your workplace, please print out a Gingerbread payroll giving form, fill it in and hand it to your HR department. You can support more than one charity and you can also choose to give anonymously if you prefer – ask your employer for more details.

We also have information for employers who would like to know more about the give as you earn scheme and other ways to support Gingerbread.

As you shop

Did you know you can donate to Gingerbread while you shop, at no extra cost to you? You can support Gingerbread by shopping with over 400 retailers through The Giving Machine, who will pass on commissions from these businesses to Gingerbread as donations.

Simply sign up for free and choose Gingerbread as one of your causes to support. You generate commissions by shopping online at various retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and many more, and The Giving Machine convert your commissions into donations for Gingerbread.

In celebration

For a special birthday, on your wedding day, for the birth of a child or for one of the many other happy events in our lives – you can make Gingerbread part of your celebration by giving a gift to mark your special day.

Why not ask guests to make donations in lieu of gifts? If you are sending electronic invites, you could include a link to our donation page. Or if you are having a collection on the day, the best way to get your donation to us is by cheque free-post to:

Highgate Studios 
53-79 Highgate Road 

All cheques should be payable to ‘Gingerbread’, and you should mark your letter FAO Fundraising Team.

We would love to hear details of your celebration, and why you decided to choose to support Gingerbread, so use our contact form to tell us about your event!

In lieu

If you would like to remember your loved one by asking friends and family to make a donation at the funeral or memorial service, we would be extremely grateful. If you have collected donations to donate to us, you can do give these in three ways:

  • By phone on 0207 428 5431
  • By freepost to RTCS-TUSY-JSLJ, Gingerbread, 520 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL
  • Online via our donation page.

We can provide you or the funeral directors with collection envelopes, which can be gathered on the day and sent back at a later date. Funeral Directors often help out with this process. Please contact us at or on 0207 428 5431 for more information.

In memory

Donating to charity is often a meaningful way to remember loved ones on special occasions, such as their birthday, an anniversary or simply because they are missed.

You may want to consider setting up a remembrance page on JustGiving in aid of Gingerbread, so that others can come together with you to remember your loved one. Here, people can donate to Gingerbread as well as write posts and view photos. This is a personal way to remember and celebrate someone’s life. If you need help setting up a giving page, please contact our Fundraising Team.

Coping with family life after the loss of a partner can be incredibly difficult. Grief affects people in different ways and it is important that as well as supporting your children you have support for you.  It is likely that you and your family will need to adjust to a number of changes that will have an impact on your daily lives. Visit our pages on bereavement if you need some advice and support.

Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience for anyone. If you feel you need some support at this time, we would also recommend you contact a bereavement support service such as:

By phone or post

You can donate with a credit or debit card by phoning our Fundraising Team on 0207 428 5431. Alternatively, you can send in your postal order or cheque donations to our free-post address at:

RTCS-TUSY-JSLJ, Gingerbread, 520 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL

Make sure your cheque is made payable to ‘Gingerbread’ and you should mark your letter FAO Fundraising Team.

To make sure we have all of your details, please print and include one of our donation forms with your donation. You can also increase the value of your donation by 25% by claiming Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so please include this if you are eligible.