Single parents can face many barriers getting back into work. Gaps in CVs, managing childcare responsibilities and wanting to spend more time with your child during a separation, can often make finding a suitable job difficult.

We want to help you find employment that will work for you. Through our employment training courses, we help you to overcome the practical challenges you face and support you to build the confidence to apply for jobs and start that new career.

What do you get on an employment training course?

Our programmes include a range of:

  • CV writing
  • Interview skills
  • Work experience
  • Confidence building
  • Knowledge of the job market
  • Conducting job searches
  • Personal development mentoring

We have years of experience, working both with parents like you and employers so we know we’re providing the best training to help you get into work. We work with a range of partners to provide the training. Many of our courses will involve practical work experience to give you more confidence in the workplace as well as providing you with a reference when applying for jobs.

I've got much more confidence now - inwardly and outwardly. I used to be the person cowering in the corner. Now, in my job, I'm the meeter and greeter!

Julie, a single parent who completed the Marks & Start course

How will you benefit?

Our employment programmes have different benefits, but overall, they are intended to give parents the confidence and skills to pursue employment. For example, on our Marks & Start employment programme we have:

  • Supported more than 3,000 single parents through employment training
  • Helped more than 1,400 single parents get a job
  • Improved single parents’ well-being with over 50% of single parents reporting an improved financial position and over 58% saying they felt less isolated after a Marks & Start programme

Danielle separated from her partner and her life took a turn. Through the Marks & Start employment training she was able to get a full-time job and provide a better life for her and her son.

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