How to write to your MP

Writing to your MP can be a great way for them to hear about your concerns and take steps to support you. You can find your newly elected MP and their contact details by typing your postcode into parliament’s website.

Take a look at single parent Cat’s tips on writing to your MP. If you’d like further support or want to share your campaigning experiences please get in touch.

Cat’s advice

Tip 1: Make it personal

MPs want to hear about what matters to you as their constituent and how their help can make a difference so make sure you include some detail about this in your letter.

MPs are often very busy and they only have a small team to help process their post and emails so sometimes it does take some time to receive a response. Usually they work Mon-Thurs in Westminster and then spend Fridays and the holidays in their constituency. So sometimes you might have to nudge them for a response.

Tip 2: Be persistent

It may take a short while for your MP to respond, but they should respond! And if you’re not happy with an initial result make sure you follow this up with them.

Tip 3: Explain what you want your MP to do

If you’re not sure how they could help you, just be honest and possibly suggest a meeting with them to talk through in more detail.

Tip 4: Include your postcode

It’s parliamentary protocol that MPs respond to constituents only so don’t forget to include this. Below is an example letter which you can use to write to your MP.

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