New regional mayors encouraged to help single parents back into work

Posted 10 May 2017

Gingerbread calls on newly elected regional mayors to back the ‘Upfront’ childcare deposit scheme

The new regional mayors have been asked to commit to supporting single parent families to enter or return to work by backing a childcare deposit scheme already endorsed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Gingerbread, the charity for single parents, hopes that the regional mayors will use their new powers and influence to champion “Upfront: a childcare deposit guarantee,” their childcare proposal scheme. The scheme would support parents who are about to start work or increase their working hours, by helping parents pay for childcare ahead of their first pay cheque, with local government directly paying the deposits nurseries and childminders typically require. For many single parents it can be difficult or even impossible to pay a deposit prior to being paid.

Following his election in 2016, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has commenced implementing the Upfront guarantee to support parents working for organisations in the Greater London Authority (GLA), such as Transport for London.

Rosie Ferguson, chief executive of Gingerbread, commented:

“The newly elected regional mayors have a unique opportunity to lead the way for local people. If they are serious about getting more people into work, than our “Upfront” childcare deposit scheme would make a real difference to parents often unable to secure employment due to upfront costs childcare providers typically require. Gingerbread’s proposal is being trialled in London, setting the precedence for further regions to adopt the policy. This is a real chance to give parents wanting to work that extra boost they need.”