Help for Camden single parents: Household Support Fund

Posted 9 February 2022

Single parents in Camden may be able to access funding to help with rising living costs and energy bills.
Part of a government scheme to help those experiencing severe hardship, the Household Support Fund could offer some relief to families facing financial crisis this winter.

Camden Council is encouraging households in need to apply for the fund before the deadline on 31st March 2022. Awards are automatically set at £150, but they can be also be issued in the form of food, clothing, duvets or energy vouchers.

The scheme could also help with financial pressures during half term, with funding available in the form of supermarket vouchers during school holidays.

Camden funding criteria

If you’re a single parent living in Camden, and you’re in financial crisis, you can apply for the Household Support Fund to help you and your family.

To qualify for the Household Support Fund applicants must:
– have lived in Camden for at least 6 weeks
– be over 18
– be in severe hardship or financial crisis (assessed in application)

For further information, or to apply for the fund, call 020 7974 4444 or visit the council’s website.

Funding outside Camden

For single parent families living outside Camden, each local authority has different form of support available. Though the same award may be offered by other councils, amounts and eligibility criteria may vary. It is also worth noting that different authorities give the scheme a variety of names, including the Household Support Scheme, and the Household Support Grant.

What help is available depends largely on where you live, and your circumstances so make sure you check with your local authority about what options you have.