Gingerbread response to the Spring Budget 2017

Posted 8 March 2017

Gingerbread’s Chief Executive, Rosie Ferguson, responds to a Spring Budget that does little to help single parent families

In response to today’s budget statement Rosie Ferguson, Chief Executive of Gingerbread said:

“Increases in taxation for the self-employed should not penalise those in low paid self-employment, who are potentially hardest hit by any changes. A Gingerbread survey revealed that around a fifth (18%) of single parents were in self-employment with half of these low paid or earning below the minimum wage. Increases to national insurance contributions could leave the low paid self-employed facing further hardship.

“This was a missed opportunity for the government. If they are serious about making work pay, and helping families who are ‘just about managing’, then reversing the cut to the work allowance and investing in childcare are the most effective ways of achieving this.

“Working families on low wages are facing huge losses under universal credit, with single parent families particularly badly hit. Cuts to the work allowance under universal credit mean working single parents will lose £800 a year on average compared to the current system.

“In addition, increased conditionality will see 165,000 single parents of 3 and 4 year olds at risk of being sanctioned if they are not actively seeking work.

“Single parents continually tell us how important work is for them and their families; this budget needed to make that more attainable for them.”