The My Family Moves is a project funded by Sport England’s Families Fund, which aims to get more families across the UK active and participating in sport and physical activity together.

We are excited to be working with leisure centres in Salford and Knowsley to trial new ways to support single parent families to take part in sport in ways which work for them to help make leisure centre more accessible for single parent families.

We’re campaigning for single parents to be fairly represented and treated equally in society, including the leisure sector.

Single parents often face barriers to access sport and physical activity such as pricing and timetabling. In 2019 we produced and sent out our ‘Sport & You’ survey, with the aim to gather insight into the lived experiences of single parents facing such barriers, and the ways in which we can campaign to change this.

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Our partners


Volair is responsible for the management and delivery of Knowsley’s leisure services.

Volair operates five leisure facilities across Knowsley and a further five centres for learning.

Volair is planning to reopen for customers on July 25th, and activities will resume shortly.

You can find out more about Volair here.


Salford Community Leisure is run by and for the people of Salford.

It is committed to enhancing the physical and cultural wellbeing of the community through the sport, library and cultural opportunities we offer across 60+ venues, which attract millions of customer visits each year.

Salford Community Leisure has provided an update on how it plans to use its facilities during the pandemic.

You can find out more about Salford Community Leisure here.