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    Nina B

    It’s so so difficult. Don’t beat yourself up about it though, there’s only so much we can do to protect them. Their dads have to take some responsibility, I just have to believe that he also has the kids best interests at heart. My daughter is 15 and my son is 10 so they can distance themselves from him within reason, but my youngest is 10 months and is not able to social distance. I understand lockdown is lonely and horrible at times but surely if everyone comes out of it in full health, it was all worth it? You’re husband must see that?
    I’ve basically left it that he can see the kids  but I don’t want them to meet his girlfriend and I have also asked him to try and keep his distance from her kids. They are seeing their dads and so the number of people the virus can be passed through is just never ending. It didn’t go down particularly well but if it reduces the risk of my kids getting ill then I don’t really care!
    Hope you come to some sort of agreement 🤞

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    Nina B

    Hi! I am also in the same position as you.
    My husband met someone online just before lock down and then left it alone for a while, but he has just told me they have decided to try again and he is spending most days and nights with her and her two kids. My kids still need to see their Dad but I feel very uneasy about it.
    I know restrictions have eased slightly but you still need to socially distance from others and my husband definitely isn’t doing that!

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    Nina B

    Hi Louise,

    My name is Nina, I’m 35 and have a 15 year old daughter and two sons, 10 and 9 months.

    I really understand what you are going through, especially the emotions that you have about your husband moving on so quickly. My husband did the same, he moved out on 10th January to “ learn how to be the best husband and dad he could possibly be”, signed up to tinder in the first week of being alone and is now shacked up with the woman he went on his first date with! And her kids!

    We have been together forever, I was 16 and he was 20. We’ve grown up together, and although it was my decision to separate (there was a lot of emotional and sometimes physical abuse), I am so lonely and feel so sad and quite gutted that he moved on so quickly, especially as that wasn’t the reason for the separation!

    lockdown is making all this a million times harder. I’m desperate for a night out but for now, a chat with someone who understands what I’m going through, will be amazing 😉

    Stay strong, Be happy x



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    Nina B

    The government guidelines don’t advise what you should do if the non resident parent has not been social distancing.

    My husband has just started a new relationship and has not been social distancing from her!

    She also has kids who see their (different) dads. We have a 10 month old baby and it will be impossible to keep his distance from him, especially if I’m not there.

    Any advise would really help?


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