Young single parents

Date last updated: 20 October 2017

Advice for young single parents

Becoming a parent is exciting at any age. You will have lots of things to consider, including your finances.

Here we set out some useful advice and information for young parents who are not living with their child’s other parent.

Information for young single parents


First of all, let’s look at your finances. If you’re under 18, we have an easy to use tool that helps you find out what support you may be entitled to. Young parents over 18 can use this benefits checker.

If you’re still expecting your baby, we have advice for single parents to be.

It’s also important that you look into setting up a child maintenance arrangement with your child’s other parent.


Studying as a single parent is no mean feat, but many single mums and dads take on the challenge successfully. Visit our advice on returning to education.


There is lots of useful information to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy in the workplace, and you can find out about your rights at work during and after pregnancy. Find out more here.

Your future

Making decisions about your future isn’t always straightforward. At Gingerbread we run training and support courses that give you one to one support for employment training and life skills, as well as the chance to meet other young parents in your local area. See our latest courses for young single parents.

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Hear from other young single parents

On the Gingerbread website, we receive stories from single mums and dads of all ages. We have a collection of stories on different topics that you can read.

You might also want support from a community of young parents. Little Lullaby is a charity that supports young single parents and they have a community forum, as well as support and advice for young mums and dads, either already with children or those who are expecting.

Get support

Read stories

Find out what other single parents have to say about their experiences.

Little Lullaby

Join a community of young single mums and dads.

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