Support for you

Looking after yourself

Although going through separation or divorce can feel like the start of a daunting journey it’s important to remember you’re not alone.  There are many others who have been through similar experiences and many places to turn to for support.

Looking after yourself

While practical arrangements and your child’s well being may be huge concerns during separation, getting support for yourself is just as important. Our factsheet, looking after your emotional health, can help you find emotional support whenever you need it.

Getting support from others

Getting advice and reassurance from someone who has been there can help to make your journey easier.  Watch Georgie talk about her experience of separating and how she coped during difficult times.

Georgie's partner left her when her daughter was just three months old. Four years on she is happy and proud of what she has achieved.

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Supporting yourself

If you have recently separated, it can be a difficult time not just for your children, but for you. It’s important to look after yourself through a separation, and you might find it useful to hear other people’s stories or have someone to speak to.

You can join our Gingerbread forum to speak to other single parents online, or join a group to speak to single parents in your local area.

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