Maternity rights at work for single parents

Date last updated: 1 September 2021

Maternity rights at work for single parents

When you are pregnant, you have specific rights at work. Make sure you know your rights and how to get help if your employer doesn’t follow the rules.

Read Edith’s story, who reflects on her experience of working life whilst single and pregnant. Read our questions and answers on your rights in the workplace too.

How to tell an employer that you’re pregnant

Telling your employer that you're pregnant

Taking time off for antenatal classes

Taking time off for antenatal appointments

Support from the EHRC

The EHRC has lots of information for before, during, and after your pregnancy, including videos, quizzes and lots of frequently asked questions that cover a really wide range of work situations if you're expecting a baby.

Maternity rights FAQs and further information

More about your options at work

Gingerbread’s working life factsheet gives lots of detailed information about requesting changes to your working hours, taking parental leave, emergency leave and other important options available for parents at work.

Download our 'working life' factsheet

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