Single parents, equal families

Life is tough for the 1.8 million single parents across the UK. Every day, they battle financial, emotional, and social pressures, feeling the weight of a broken system. 

Single parents are resilient.  They do an amazing job at budgeting and caring for their children, but they shouldn’t have to carry this alone. They need support to:

  • Ensure they receive the right child maintenance
  • Find work that matches their skills and offers suitable flexibility
  • Access affordable childcare
  • Be able to access a fair and adequate welfare system.

The government needs to make sure that all policy meets the needs of single parents.

We have a plan for change.  As the General Election approaches, we urge politicians to prioritise single parents and their children.

Children in single parent households shouldn’t have to go without essentials, due to systemic injustice and inequality. That’s why we’re working hard to ensure that single parents are not forgotten but are a priority for political parties.

Are you in?

Will you join us?

Single parents tell us they are a low priority for political parties. It’s time to change this narrative. Add your name to our campaign to help us send a powerful message to politicians: single parents are equal families, and their voices matter!  

Drawing from extensive real-life experience, research, and close collaboration with single parents, Gingerbread and our committed team of single parent campaigners have united to put forward our proposals for the upcoming government. 

This election is a pivotal moment for change. Together, we can stand alongside single parents and their children to advocate for a fairer society. Because all families are equal, regardless of their structure. 

Get ready to be inspired! At the very core of our campaign is the incredible force of single parents, paving the way and igniting change. They are the driving power behind our mission, shaping our General Election campaigning work.

Don’t miss out on the action!

Stay informed and be a part of change! Sign up to Gingerbread’s campaign emails to stay updated and get involved in making a difference. 

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