Exercise Ideas For All The Family

Ball games to play in the garden or park

The great thing about these ball games is the lack of equipment required. Any ball will do and if you don’t have a ball to hand, why not play catch with a balled up pair of socks or use wellies/an old pair of trainers for distance throwing?


A classic. Stand far enough apart that each player can catch the ball then see how many catches in a row you can do. To make it harder, each time a successful catch is made, each player takes a step back to increase the distance. If a catch is missed, take a step in.

Distance throwing

Each player has a go at seeing how far they can throw the ball. The player that can throw the furthest gets a point. First to three or five or ten wins.

Tennis ball run

Players race each other with a tennis ball between their legs. If you drop the tennis ball you have to go back to the start. The first player to cross the finish line is the winner.

Bucket ball

Each player has five tennis balls each. Take it in turns to throw a ball underarm into the bucket. The player that throws the most number of balls into the bucket wins.

Hand tennis

Players hit the tennis ball to each other using the palm of their hands. You can mark out an area so that if a player hits the ball out of the area, the other player gets a point. You can include other rules, for example the ball has to bounce before it can be hit back or you can only hit the ball with your left/right hand.


Players take it in turns to hit a tennis ball against a wall. The ball must bounce on the floor before hitting the wall. The next player has up to one bounce of the ball to return it or they lost a point/are out.

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