Corporate support

Single parents are your business

They are your customers and employees and we know you really care about them.  We can work with your corporate social responsibility programmes to help you meet your business goals and benefit single parent families at the same time.  We are open to all kinds of partnerships with business and would love to talk to you.

Call 0207 428 5415 to discuss partnership opportunities with our team or email us at

Work for Good

For smaller businesses

Work for Good,  is a platform which will work with your small business to embed giving to us in a structured, meaningful and visible way that is good for your business and Gingerbread.

They make it easy for you to give through the sales of goods and services, so you’re able to support us by doing what you do best and no extra fundraising initiatives are needed.

Work for Good handle any legal hurdles and admin that you would usually encounter when trying to link donations to sales figures.

Another good reason to join is that you are able to put the Work for Good mark on your website so your customers immediately see that your company is socially responsible.

If you are a small business and are interested in supporting Gingerbread through Work for Good, please click here or you can contact us.

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