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Safeguarding policy statement

Gingerbread is a charity that works to improve the lives of single parent families. (Throughout this policy, Gingerbread – the organisation – is referred to as ‘we’.)

We are committed to providing safe and supportive environments for everyone involved in our organisation and the work we do, whether through our face-to-face or online services.

Gingerbread believes that everyone – and specifically those who are in vulnerable circumstances and less able to protect themselves – has the right to be kept safe from harm, exploitation and abuse.

Every Gingerbread representative* has a personal responsibility to safeguard children and adults. They do this by:

  • Considering the safety and wellbeing of all those involved in Gingerbread’s activities
  • Protecting children and adults from harm, exploitation and abuse
  • Supporting them whenever this happens.

Our safeguarding commitment

We will:

  • Promote the general safety and wellbeing of all
  • Take steps to minimise the possibility that harm, exploitation and abuse occur, which includes being drawn into terrorism and violent extremism
  • Develop trusting and respectful relationships with those we work with, recognising that they have rights as individuals and should be treated with dignity and respect. In doing so, we will provide them with safe and supportive environments
  • Take steps to ensure those involved in our organisation and the work we do are not discriminated against by us due to being a child or on grounds of age, sex, gender, disability, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, appearance or cultural background, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity
  • Act promptly and appropriately where there are concerns, allegations or incidents of harm, exploitation or abuse
  • Provide Gingerbread representatives with the appropriate support when responding to safeguarding concerns.

To meet this commitment, we will ensure that:

  • Every Gingerbread representative is familiar with and has access to the safeguarding policy, and understands their role and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding
  • Every Gingerbread representative has access to safeguarding training appropriate to their role
  • There are appropriate risk assessments in place for all our programmes and activities
  • We encourage the active participation of children and adults in keeping themselves and others safe
  • Children and adults, parents and families know how to voice their concerns and know where and how to seek help if needed
  • Effective procedures are in place for responding to concerns, allegations and incidents of suspected or actual harm, exploitation or abuse
  • We practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of Gingerbread representatives, especially those who work with children or adults at risk
  • The safeguarding policy, associated procedures and practice meet the requirements of the Charity Commission and all legislation and statutory guidance (in England and Wales)
  • Gingerbread continues to implement and monitor the safeguarding Policy and take any measures required to strengthen and improve existing practice.

*‘Gingerbread representatives’‚ are people who are paid employees, agency workers, contract, sessional and unpaid  representatives, people on work placements, people who are volunteers , including Trustees and Group Coordinators, and any others who are working on behalf of Gingerbread in any capacity and in any setting.

Date last updated: 19 June 2023

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