Enforcing payments

Date last updated: 18 April 2018

What to do if you stop recieving child maintenance payments

If your child’s other parent stops paying child maintenance without your agreement, there are options available to you. The advice and information you will need depends on whether your child maintenance is arranged through the Child Support Agency (this is an older scheme that is now closing) or through the Child Maintenance Service.

Use our handy guide to find out the basics about how to enforce child maintenance payments, including any informal agreement you made with your child’s other partner. We also have detailed factsheets for more advice if you used either the CSA or the CMS to arrange or collect child maintenance.

How to enforce child maintenance

Find out what’s the best way to enforce child maintenance payments using our quick interactive tool below. Click the answers that best describe your circumstances to find out how to get your child maintenance paid.

Using the CSA?

If your child maintenance payments are paid through the Child Support Agency (‘CSA’) you can find out more about enforcement in our CSA enforcement factsheet.

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Using the CMS?

If your child maintenance payments were set up through the Child Maintenance Service (‘CMS’) you can find out more in our CMS enforcement factsheet

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Enforcing child maintenance

Follow the steps in this guide to work out what steps you can take and where to get advice if your child maintenance payments have stopped.

Use our interactive guide