Our South East office is based in central London, from which we serve London and surrounding areas.

In London alone, there are over 260,000 single parent families.i And nearly a quarter of families with children are headed by a single parent. We work with these families to provide services which support their needs.

In recent years, single parent employment in London has grew much faster than anywhere else in the UK, from 48 to 63 per cent of single parents in work.ii However, there are still significant challenges to overcome – in particular, single parents of pre-school aged children have a much harder time finding work, with only 49 per centiii in employment. In addition, around one in six single parents were under-employed – that is, working part time when they wanted full time work.

London and South East Support

Our London and South East services aim to meet these challenges.

Learning and skills

Our training programmes support unemployed single parents in London and the South East. We offer employment training if you want to get back into work and develop practical skills such as CV writing, and personal skills training if you have been out of work for some time or want to build your confidence.


We have more than 30 groups in the London and South East area, which provide opportunities single parents to meet, share their experiences and support each other. You can find your nearest group here.

Information and advice

Wherever you’re based, we provide online information and a free helpline, run by trained advisers, to help you find the answers you need.


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Email: info@gingerbread.org.uk
Tel: 0207 428 5400 (Office)
Tel: 0808 802 0925 (Helpline)
Tel: 0800 652 3166 (Training Enquiries)


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ii. Gingerbread analysis. ONS quarterly Labour Force Survey household datasets, April-June, 2007-2015

iii. See reference i.

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