Story Topic: Stigma

Why I’m fundraising – Raf’s story

Posted 22 June 2020

  Raf is raising money for Gingerbread through a sponsored skydive. Raised by a single parent and with a single parent sister, he talks about his experiences with single parenting and why the cause is so...

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Progressing in work – Olivia’s story

Posted 11 December 2019

To mark Election Week, we’ve asked single parents to share their experiences of our key proposal policy areas. With one day to go until the country goes to the polls, our third blog explores single...

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Single and pregnant at work

Posted 4 December 2017

Edith realised she was pregnant shortly after a tragic event. She discusses how the support of her friends and family helped her navigate pregnancy, and gives advice to any single mother who finds themselves juggling...

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Why it’s so important to submit your writing to the ‘One in Four’ new writer competition by Emily Morris

Posted 20 November 2017

Emily is the author of My Shitty Twenties, a memoir about her experience of becoming a single mum. She can be found on Twitter @msemilymorris  As the deadline for the ‘One in Four’ new writer competition fast...It will help you Writing is incredibly cathartic. Your entry to One in Four has to be fiction, but it can be inspired by real life.  Excellent stories have a beginning, a middle and an end...The competition has now closed. We are unable to accept any further submissions. Thank you for taking part.

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How to write the perfect synopsis by Tilly Bagshawe

Posted 2 November 2017

In my experience as a writer, a synopsis has two purposes. Its first, official purpose is to summarize the plot of the novel you are about to write. Its second, far more important purpose is...My third rule for a good synopsis (and not every writer shares this one) is: Character first.  Don’t start with a plot. Start with a really compelling, interesting, unusual character and then imagine what that...The competition has now closed. We are unable to accept any further submissions. Thank you for taking part.

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We are the 1 in 4

Posted 5 October 2017

Single parent, Emma Wallen, was told she was not a ‘real family’ when she tried to access a family deal at a local cinema. Emma spoke out about this unacceptable behaviour, and we joined her,...I want to highlight this issue to help all families who have been marginalised because they do not conform to what is considered to be a ‘family unit’ comprising of two parents and two children....

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