Story Topic: Single dads

Vikas’ single parent story

Posted 17 August 2021

I’m originally from India and have been now living in London for 17 years. Once I settled in London, I had an arranged marriage and my wife came over from India (arranged marriages in India...

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Vikas' single dad story - Vikas and his daughter play with toys in a tent

Parenting in a Pandemic – Daniel’s story

Posted 29 April 2020

Daniel Betts is a single parent from Basingstoke UK. He runs the website The Breaking Dad and the Instagram account @the_breaking_dad, documenting his journey through single parenthood. Alone. For single parents across the UK, that’s the reality...

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Single dad in a small village

Posted 21 April 2016

Jonathan has been single dad to his six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, since his ex-wife left the family two years ago. My ex-wife is Chinese, we met when I was working in China. We got on...

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