Story Topic: Money

Single parent poverty – Sally’s story

Posted 10 December 2019

To mark Election Week, we’ve asked single parents to share their experiences of our key proposal policy areas. Our second blog was written by Sally, a single parent to four children: eight year-old Chester, six...

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Managing anxieties about money in the build-up to Christmas

Posted 4 December 2017

Single mum Aisling shares her tips on having Christmas celebrations that don’t break the bank. Christmas is fast approaching and it is impossible to avoid the jingly adverts and packed shelves in shops. Although many families...Children don’t remember ‘stuff’ When they are older, children will no more remember with disappointment the presents they received during a ‘lean’ Christmas then they will remember with joy the more expensive gifts they received during...

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Presents in front of Christmas lights

Writing a novel

Posted 4 October 2017

When Jo became a single parent, she had to adapt quickly to a situation she never imagined she’d have to face. Coping with financial difficulties and balancing work and her children’s needs hasn’t been easy,...

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