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Christmas During Covid – Sherisha’s Story

Posted 23 December 2020

Sherisha is single mum to a nine-year-old and has been a single parent since her daughter was born. She works full-time and volunteers as Gingerbread peer support group coordinator in Worcestershire. Wow – what a year!...

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Sherisha - Single parent peer support group volunteer with Gingerbread - the single parents' charity

Life in lockdown – Jennifer’s story

Posted 5 May 2020

“Sorry, we can’t help you.” As single parents with abusive ex-partners, this is something we hear again and again. They try every trick in the book – under-declaring their income, dissolving their businesses, hiding assets and...

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Jennifer Single Parent Story

Parenting in a Pandemic – Daniel’s story

Posted 29 April 2020

Daniel Betts is a single parent from Basingstoke UK. He runs the website The Breaking Dad and the Instagram account @the_breaking_dad, documenting his journey through single parenthood. Alone. For single parents across the UK, that’s the reality...

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